Marathi/40 Min /HD/ Colour /2011 / India .
Director – Santosh Ram
Producer –Netaji Kashid

It’s a Documentary about ShivrathYatra organized by Shramik Gojamgunde . The Yatra starts from Fort Shivneri (Birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj ) to Fort Raigadh (Capital Of Shivaji Maharaj ).The documentary tries to explore the Journey of the Shivrath Yatra . More than Five Hundred Shivbhaktas took part in Shivrath Yatra 2011.

Director’s Biography –

Santosh Ram was born on November 3 , 1979 in Udgir, India . He has done his post graduation in English Literature from Modern College, Pune . He developed an appreciation for cinema while studying Literature .He is a self taught and self made Short Film Maker. He has participated in Film Appreciation Course conducted by NFAI & FTII 2006.

Credits –

Direction – Santosh Ram
Producer – Netaji Kashid
Executive Producer –Shramik Gojamgunde
Editor – Jayant Patgiri, Santosh Ram
Cinematography- Rakesh Raorane /Dipak Verma