MF Husain, India’s best known contemporary painter, has died in London. India should grieve for two reasons. At 95, he was active and had lots of painting left in him. And he died in exile, unhappy with the way his home country had treated him. Husain had been in exile since 2006, when he was attacked by rightist groups angry with his portrayal of Hindu deities. Last year, he was offered Qatari citizenship. But his heart remained in India, and in interviews, spoke fondly of what this country meant to him.CNN-IBN reported from London that he was admitted only two days ago for fluid retention in his lungs, and but had otherwise been”in fairly good health”. Arun Vadhera, a friend who visited him at Royal Brompton Hospital yesterday, said he had been cheerful, talking about eating out at a restaurant soon after his discharge. “He really really missed India a lot,” he told a TV channel.