Vartul (circle)

                           Marathi/18 min 30 sec /35mm/ colour /2009 / India .

                                          Director –  Santosh  Ram

                         Producer – Ramchandra  Pundlikrao Marewad




Damu(10yearold boy) , leaves his home to buy Jagarry as told by his mother .on the way he meets his friend  Manya, who also is going a Grocery Shop . They stop at a Bioscopewallah to enjoy Film Slides. Damu realizes that he is not having enough money and he decides to earn some quick money . This greed takes him  to play a game with his peers .  After the game Damu goes to the shop to get Jagarry , but doesn’t get it and he walks back with tearful eyes…


Director’s Biography – 


Santosh Ram full name  Santosh Ramchandra Marewad was born on November 3 , 1979  in Udgir, India  . He has done his post graduation in English Literature from Modern College, Pune . He developed an appreciation  for  cinema  while studying  Literature .He has assisted in short films , Corporate films . He has participated in  Film  Appreciation  Course conducted by  NFAI & FTII 2006. He has written and directed short films .


 Credits –


Story , Screenplay , Direction – Santosh Ram

Cinematography- Pravin Mokal

Music -Shrirang Umrani

Editor – Vinod Gama Borate

Art Director –Santosh Sankhad

Sound – Rashi Butte

Re-recording- Mahesh Limaye

Producer – Ramchandra Pundlikrao Marewad

Executive Producer – Balaji Ramchandra Marewad

Cast –


Aswini Giri

Chinmay Patwardhan

Ajinkya Bhise

Kalian Gadgil

Aakash Giri

Shivam Chetan Moray

Anant Shankar Salunke

Jayesh Dikhale

Rohan Choudhari

Karan Lokhande

Shailesh Shankar Kulkarni

Vinod Anand Kamble

Vijay Kadam

Sangharsha Santosh Sankahd





 Film Festival selection –



2ND Nashik  International  Film  Festival  2009 , Nashik (INDIA).



Now Selected-


Third  Eye  8TH Asian  Film Festival  2009 , Mumbai (INDIA).

11TH Osian’s  Cinefan  Film Festival 2009 , New Delhi (INDIA).

7TH Kalpanirjhar  International  Short  Fiction Film  Festival ,Kolkata (INDIA).